Rainbow sapphire Eden
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The EDEN ENGRAVED line from the rainbow sapphire collection® celebrates the art of fine jewelry making and the beauty of Mother Nature. Each piece was designed by company co-founder Samantha Kogen and bears her unique sympathies for harmony and floral beauty.

We also strictly adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification system when sourcing our diamonds, and are continuously seeking new diamond miners that protect the welfare of diamond-mine workers and the surrounding environment.

Each gorgeous sapphire is hand-cut by expert lapidary artisans and sourced from conflict-free mines around the world. We fully support the United States’ ban on gemstones from Myanmar (commonly known as Burma) and don't source any gemstones from there.

Committed to protecting our Mother Earth and creating fine jewelry worthy of the love you invest in it, the rainbow sapphire collection® recycles and refashions all the gold we use in our manufacturing processes.





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