About Rainbow Sapphire™

Endless color

Kaleidoscopic colors in natural sapphire. Bright, vivid displays of light and magic.

about us

rainbowsapphire.com is a manufacturer and wholesaler of rainbow, prismatic and kaleidoscopic sapphire sets to professional jewelers.

We offer peerless hues, saturation and brilliance, and focus on true beauty and quality, not price. We also offer sets in blue sapphire, ruby, spinel, tsavorite and demantoid garnet.

Please browse our wholesale catalogue. If you haven’t got a password, please send us an email and tell us a little about your jewelry business, and we'll send one over.

†rainbowsapphire.com was started in 2003 by Samantha Kogen and became America's number one supplier of rainbow sapphire jewelry. In 2018 rainbowsapphire.com was acquired by a former supplier, a Thailand based gemstone and rainbow sapphire manufacturer.